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When we stop projecting and solidifying the thoughts that separate the world into two sides: "you" and "I", "we" and "they", the crystal mind begins to appear. When we make music and sing we can open the doors of heaven and flow in the present instant. The present is a gift, and for CANIMAS it is a gift to be able to present this new record to us: seventeen songs made from the heart with the intention of penetrating into the music and poetry of the Cosmos. A journey of initiation, spiritual, Shaman. A mandala built by seven musicians and friends... In order to explain love, or perhaps, rather, to enter it. Like the ocean that rejects no river, where each drop has its place... The main argument of this record is Love.


genre: Singer-songwriter

Eduard Canimas guitarra acústica i veu
David Ibáñez guitarra acústica, guitarra elèctrica, lap steel, ukelele i banjo
Manel Vega contrabaix i baix elèctric
Marc Clos bateria i percussions
Miriam Encinas flautes i percussions
Xavi Lloses piano, Hammond, Fender Rhodes i harmònium


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