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 In 2007, the members of this group, tired of the punk rock scene, decided to do something quite different: cumbia. In the end, what had started out as a bit of fun led to the formation of KUMBIA QUEERS. Their tropipunk style is a mixture of Latin American cumbia, reggaeton, queeritut and punk influences. Originally from Buenos Aires, they have been touring Europe for more than 10 years, seducing with their style and their critical and reflective lyrics that, as well as talking about fun, love and their passion for creative leisure and dance, also constitute an energetic denunciation of current neoliberal politics.   


stage: Carpa Atlàntida  (Limited capacity: 1000 people)
day: September 16th 2022
hour: 23:00
price: Free

genre: Tropipunk


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