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In his first solo project, PERE MARTÍNEZ, singer-songwriter from Los Aurora, assembles a repertoire of Catalan songs by authors like Lluís Llach, J. M. Serrat, M. del Mar Bonet, and traditional songs that he has listened to from an early age, reinterpreting them from the perspective of flamenco. He is accompanied by Marc López on guitar, and between the two,  they have found a way to play with the rhythm and intensity of flamenco to open up new paths for Catalan folk songs with the sound of flamenco guitar and singing.


stage: Auditori J. Maideu - L'Atlàntida  (Limited capacity: 300 people)
day: September 14th 2022
hour: 16:00
price: * Accredited professionals

genre: Pop folk catalan


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