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BAJOQUETA ROCK is a Valencian rock band with a lot of personality. In 1988, in Riba-roja de Túria, a group of friends got together who really felt like grabbing their guitars and starting to play. From the very start they made songs that show their way of life, their surroundings, that are a faithful reflection of how people around them live -the oranges, the countryside, ploughing the earth... -, what their grandparents do or the problems of pollution. BAJOQUETA ROCK has managed to make a place for themselves in the musical panorama creating their own style both in their music and in their live performances. Their secret is knowing how to reach the public in the most authentic and closest way possible, making popular and catchy songs based on daily experiences. Ie, el de l’oli! (selfpublished) is their fourth studio record.


genre: rural rock

Julio Miquel guitarra i veus
Miguel Ángel Moreno trompeta, veus i ‘shaquireta’
Paco Lluís Ramos veu i guitarra
Salva Ferrer ‘Manyo’ guitarra elèctrica, guitarra acústica, mandolina, banjo, arpa de boca i veus
Javi Oltra ‘Moch’ baix i veus
Miguel Soriano bateria i percussió
Salva Marti ‘Retall’ trombó i veus
José Martínez ‘Pesqui’ saxo tenor i veus
Javier Subirón aiatol•là del rock'n'roll


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