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JAVIER RUIBAL (National Prize for Current Music 2017) was born in Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz, on May 15, 1955. He is an outstanding composer, guitarist and singer. The rhythms of flamenco and Sephardic and Maghreb music come together in his album Paraísos mejores (Karonte, 2018) with the sounds of jazz and classical roc. kJuan Luis Guerra, Chico César, the group Fetén Fetén and the band Glazz have all collaborated in this wor. kThe disc reflects, song by song, the eternal aspiration of human beings to overcome old and out-dated paradises, to give way to new hopes and desires. 


genre: Flamenco / World

Javier Ruibal: veu i guitarra voice and guitar

José Recacha: guitar and bass

Diego Villegas: brass

Javi Ruibal Jr.: drums and percussion

Lucía Ruibal: flamenco and contemporary dance

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