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Faithful to beginnings that allowed them to rediscover and show the rich musical culture of the Balearic Islands, NOU ROMANCER has begun a line of research that has led them to the creation of own compositions and adaptation of Catalan authors' poems, always with the support of musical elements that tradition offers. Uniting these two branches of one same tree for the Diversons project, the formation presents a repertoire formed by traditional romances (“El comte i la pastora”, “Cançó de les transformacions”, “A la ciutat de Nàpols”...) revised from a modern perspective that explores different instrumental treatments with freedom, but without ever losing sight of the popular essence that gives force to songs like these and that, with the stories they contain, transform the spectator into an indispensable accomplice of the soirée.


genre: Traditional song from Balearic islands and mediterranean music

Pere Rado: voice, accordion
Miquel Àngel Bauzà: violin
Biel Jordà: guitar, buzuki
Tolo Font: percussion
Jaume Bueno: flutes

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