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When Helena Casas (Pomada, Conxita, Angelina i Els Moderns) and Marc Marcé work together they are 2PRINCESESBARBUDES. A music group for family audiences that makes pop songs full of humour, played with small instruments and toys suitable for adults. They have self-published four records: Cançons i rimetes (2011), Enciclopèdia baixeta de la nit (2013), Sempre de vacances (2015) and La bona vida (2019) and have made adaptations to Basque, Spanish and French. 


genre: Pop


Helena casas: little accordion, tambourine, melodic, piano and voice

Marc Marcé: guitar, ukelele, melodic, piano and voice

Marc Poch: drums, melodic, piano and voice

Toni Vilaprinyó: bass and voice


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