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The arrival of people with other customs, other music, other forms of being is a chance to make our culture grow and strengthen. Moreover, the contact allows the newly arrived to discover elements to incorporate into their reality. NEILA BENBEY is an example. Born in Algeria and resident in Barcelona since 1994, her interest in music was aroused when she was very small. But it was not until she settled in Catalonia that she thought about becoming a professional singer, and she has done it in different conditions from those that she would have had in her country. Here she has worked with the Kurd Gani Mirzo or the pianist Carles Santos and has participated in projects like Suk or Meridiana Trio. Now, in the company of Raúl Costafreda and Ernesto Briceño, she has decided to begin a soloist career that will make her sensual voice glitter even more.


genre: Algerian song

Neila Benbey: voice
Raúl Costafreda: guitar
Ernesto Briceño: violin

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