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There those who say that the best time for Latin music has already passed. But there are those who believe that the sounds, cadences and Caribbean rhythms never go out of fashion, and it is enough for some brief notes to be launched with energy, warmth and enthusiasm by a handful of good musicians to set the dance floor alight. With this intention, the group BLOCK 53 presents a repertoire between the Latin jazz and salsa brava with an evident vocation for dance. The sextet, formed by three Venezuelans, two Catalans and an Argentinean, all them resident in Barcelona and having extensive musical careers, stands out for the incorporation in their offer of the vibraphone, giving it moreover a main role. Their most direct influences come by the hand of names like Joe Cuba, Cheo Feliciano or Rubén Blades. A complete guarantee.


name: BLOQUE 53
genre: Latin music

Lenin Jiménez: main voice, bongo, bell
Andreu Vila: vibraphone, clef
Andreu Cañadell: piano
Tito Bonacera: bass
Joaquín Arteaga:kettledrum, chorus
Miguel Porras: tumbadoras, chorus

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