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As traversal music, flamenco has been consolidated as a solid base from which very personal proposals can be worked on, but which find a nexus of union in the different registers of the singing and toque. There are many examples, and one of the most recent and colourful is this formation from Barcelona, a city that has always been favourable to the development of new musical forms related to the genre. MARUJITA is formed by eight youths passionate about flamenco and Latin rhythms and admirers of the North American folk scene who have decided to share in this project the visions and musical tastes of each one of its components. In spite of not yet having a very long experience as a band, in their native city the partying and the intensity that it is breathed in the concerts of the group is already talked about. If you live one of their performances, you will remember their name.


genre: Flamenco, rumba, folk and latin

María Benítez: voice, castanets, claps, flamenco dance
Gabriel Zurita: voice, flamenco cajón, djembe, hang
Josep Vilagut: spansig guitar, mandolina, bongó
Pol Ribera: piano, xylóphone
Carlos Ródenas:electric bass
Ferran Adzara: drums, pailas
Pep Pérez: percussion
Cristina Quintanilla: violin, chorus

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