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RODINKA (diminutive of 'family' in Czech) are bewitched perfumes, gypsy rhythms, Slavs, Klezmer... In the convergence of exiles, the music of the world meets after having escaped the worst of fates. Slavic and gypsy music of subtle nuances, rich and varied with colours and different identities. RODINKA is the pleasure of singing feelings to the extreme, to the warmth of gypsy music that merges in one of the most beautiful kinds of popular music. Songs from the lands of Moravia with the rhythms of work in the fields, melodies of wanderers who arrive with big white clouds, sequences of the master book of the main events of life shedding like the petals of the daisy... RODINKA is exile, is suffering, is love, is work, is multiculturality... RODINKA are the Hejna sisters and three of their daughters.


genre: Slavic and gypsy music

Stania Hejna: Voice and percussions
Drahomira Hejna: Accordion and voice
Dita Lestinova: Accordion and voice
Krystina Prochazkova: Violin and voice
Mariana Kreimer: Violin and voice


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