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"Multiplexpo", the fourth work of Nubla and a record in which the songs to be released are chosen with the heart, without turning it many times: Broadcast, The Notwist, Clare and the Reasons, Lhasa de Sela, Serge Gainsbourg, George Harrison , Aimee Mann, Lluís Gavaldà and Jeanette. To this initial impulse, however, he followed in-depth work in which each song had to find its own entity and at the same time combine different layers, images, sounds and collaborations such as those of Carlos Sadness - Escolta Pare, Escolta mare- , Lluís Gavaldà - Pantalons Curts i els Genolls Pelats -, Irene Montalà -Bonnie and Clyde-, Steve Smyth -Pluton- or the great accomplices of Carlevaro in this album, Pol Batlle (Ljubljana & The Seawolf) -Gloomy Planets- and his friend, producer and musician Ander Agudo (also known for his Rayo-60 project), co-producer with Luciana Carlevaro and who has mixed the album.


name: NUBLA


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