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After the successful première with Summer rain (Arcadia, 2015) ELE presents live her new work What Night Hides (Arcadia, 2018) recorded in the mythical study 2 of Abbey Road in London and with Pablo Cebrián once more in production. What Night Hides is a hypnotic, intense, revealing experience full of shades and images that transport us, as when we are sitting in the cinema after the screen is already black. The elegance of the sound, arrangements and the variety of registers both in Elena's voice and in the compositions make us aware we are doubtless before one of the most potent works in recent times.


name: ELE

Elena Iturrieta ‘ELE’: piano and voice

Amable Rodriguez: guitar
Cristian Chiloé: drums
Manuel Castro: bass
Loralí Bartolomé: voice
Harry Bloom: voice
Julio Martín: hammond


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