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Almost 4 years have passed since the release of their second album when the Nyandú set the stage to present the awaited third party in an unusual way. After the success of BUM! (Global Music, 2015), the excitement generated is evident and the feeling that they will surprise us even more. They have repeated production with Santi Garcia and his studio Ultramarinos Costa Brava to offer an album of SONGS (yes, in capitals) that incorporates new elements and shows a surprising evolution in terms of sound, melody and letters At the moment it is a mystery (they have not advanced the title or any song) that will be revealing the next months until they show us in the complete work in primicia and in a historical stage. Which one? That of the Plaça Major. 


name: NYANDÚ

Ferran Orriols: voice and guitar

Rubèn Pujol: bass, keyboards and voices 
Roger Orriols: drums, percussion and voices 
Jordi Blanqué: guitar, keyboards and voices 


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