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Els Benaurats travels live on a ship of sound and images, of unpredictable duration and staged music. A ferrari remote control duo with viola, a quartet that eats the piano harp. Take rain, rain balls of ping-pong at the beat of an intuitive sound. We put a new measure in the string quartet and the piano, we spread the extras of music and the findings in action. This is the balance between the known (and no) extremes of Xavi Lloses, the audios, the visuals. A concert that transforms the atmosphere, with a staging in the millimeter, performative capsules, manual visuals, touching tools converted into magic.      



Xavi Lloses, piano and direction


Quartet Brossa:
Aleix Puig Caminal, violin
Pere Bartolomé Valls, violin
Imma Lluch Revert, violate
Marçal Ayats, cello
Àlex Pallí, audiovisual


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