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THE PENGUINS Reggae per xics

With "Ballant damunt la lluna" The Penguins / Reggae per Xics will premiere the show and start a new adventure, which, with the fuel of Jamaican rhythms, will make the public travel beyond the stars. The new tour is the premiere of the group's 4th album, where they continue to set songs from the traditional children's repertoire and, for the first time, they also incorporate their own compositions. Starting from the space station "Kingston" and with the help of the RPX-1 rocket they will visit several plants discovering songs, rhythms and instruments in an interstellar trip full of music and fun.      


name: THE PENGUINS Reggae per xics

Axel Domingo - Voice

Francesc Puiggròs - Voice and Trombone

Xavi Haro -Drums

Ramon Vagué - Bass

Oriol Serna - Guitar

Pol Gomez - Guitar

Sergi Beltran - Keyboards

Eduard Polls - Saxo

Genís Navarro - Trumpet

Francesc Polls - Saxo

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