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Singer and composer, ROXANA AMED has been recognised by the critics and the public as one of the most surprising and most moving voices of new Argentinean music. Her command as an author offers a lyrical and musical language tied to genres like jazz, folk and rock in compromised combination with a poetry that can cross any cultural gap. With a remarkable contribution to Argentinean jazz and with a solid literary training, she is the author of recognised Latin American artists' pop music hits. With two published CD and a DVD of recent release, this multi-prize-winning artist continues to revolutionise the figure of the singer-songwriter with the quality of her performance and to expand the boundaries of the genres with her compositions.


genre: Singer-songwriter / jazz/ folk/ rock

Roxana Amed: voice, composition and guitar
Claudio “Coki” Iuiano: guitars
Sebastián Espósito: guitars


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