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ZALDORF is the name of one of the great representatives of the music of Pernambuco, region of the northeast of Brazil. In their new show they present compositions of their two latest discographical works: Pesat demais per a sua cabeça, lleu demais para o seu coração (2007) and Quem sabe sonhar os meus sonhos (2009). The show is made up of different musical styles like rock, Baia, bossa or ballads. In Quem sabe sonhar os meus sonhos we can also enjoy part of the repertoire of the beginning of this artist’s career with new arrangements, besides classic themes of Brazilian popular music like “As Rosas não Falam” by Cartola and “Nerves d’aço” by Lupicínio Rodrigues.


genre: Rock and MPB

Zaldo Rocha: voice and keyboards 
João Mauricio: guitar and violin
Pedro Parini: guitar
Leopoldo Nunes: double bass
Alexandre da Maia: drums and voice


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