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There are those who consider that ZEA MAYS is the most valuable jewel of music in the Basque language, a masterpiece of musical goldsmithing that should not get lost in infinite ‘commercial’ ocean of music. For that reason some define them as a cult group, with everything good and bad that that status represents. Nevertheless, the definition is a little askew (sometimes love is selfish) since the band from Bilbao has songs to its credit that artists abounding year after year in the music-only radio programmes would have wanted. In short, a deluxe sample of the most up to date Basque rock, electric and exciting, contemporary rock with the privileged and suggestive voice of Aiora at the head.


name: ZEA MAYS
genre: Rock

Aiora Renteria: vocals
Iñaki Imaz (Piti) guitar
Ruben Gonzalez bass
Asier Basabe drums



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