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With this new record, Viatge a Montserrat (Journey to Montserrat) (Música Global), QUIMI PORTET has already made seven solo records. Accompanied by his usual group, he is coming back on stage to offer his unclassifiable concerts. The extreme cleanliness with which QUIMI and his musicians commit themselves to their profession is combined in these concerts with the improvised interaction with the public and with the systematic promotion of irony. When establishing the repertoire PORTET says that they have had it very easy: “...we have seven records; we play the songs which we like playing best. We can’t conceive the music if it’s not as a big pleasure”.


genre: Modern music

Xarli Oliver: Drums
Jordi Busquets: Guitar
Antonio Fidel: Bass
Àngel Nogueras: Sound
Blai Chinchurreta: Instrument technical



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