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The current boom in the music scene of the Països Catalans could not be understood without Els Catarres. The band is responsible for the resurgence of festive music in our parties and has achieved historic milestones that have marked a before and after in terms of success of Catalan groups. They have been the first active band that offering a solo concert fills the 4600 Sant Jordi Club locations and the first to exhaust 7,000 tickets, filling seven venues of Barcelona in just two weeks when it fired its previous tour. In case they were not enough, they have been awarded a golden record for their record sales and their tours have become international. Els Catarres are a unique, unrepeatable and now iconic group, which, apart from having won a place in the Encyclopedia, this 2018 returns with its new album "Tots els meus principis" and a new tour to devastate another time with their singles.      



Èric Vergès - Voice and guitar

Jan Riera - Guitar electric, accordion and banjo. Voices
Roser Cruells - Bass and voices
David Rosell - Guitar
Jorge Pastor - Trombone
Gregori Hollis - Trumpet
Pep Terricabres - Drums


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