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PONY BRAVO was formed in Seville in 2006. Their influences revolve around Andalusian rock of the 70s, the blues and American rock, Jamaican reggae and Ethiopian music of the 60s and 70s. The idea is to try to make visible old lines and forms that connect the blues with flamenco, African music with Andalusian, western with the “cobla”, establishing analogies and contrasts: Rancho vs Cortijo, Son House vs Caracol, Captain Beefheart vs Bambino, Nina Simone vs Lole... These ideas also inspire the visual work of the group, made up of posters and collages produced by Daniel Alonso. Their first record Si bajo de espalda no me da miedo (y otras historias) has entered many of the charts of best record, best song and best live performance of magazines like Go-Mag, Mondosonoro and Rockdelux.


genre: Pop-rock

Daniel Alonso: voice and keyboards
Javier Rivera : drums
Pablo Peña: Bass and chorus
Darío García: Guitar and chorus


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