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Native of Casablanca, OUM forms part of that generation of eclectic feminine vocalists who dare to play soul, funk, fusion, disco music and rhythm’n’blues, without forgetting their natural influences. Aretha Franklin, Ella Fitzgerald and Diana Ross are her vocalists of reference. Later she approached hip hop and trip hop. In 2004 and after a spell in France she began to delve into the gnaoui and hassani universes. Her first album, Lik’Oum, was presented in Casablanca in May 2009. She is considered one of the vocalists with most future on the feminine Moroccan scene.


name: OUM
genre: Soul, funk, fusió, rhythm’n’blues

Oum: voice
Kermit: samples and sounds
Youssef Bouchou: bass
Philippe Bonnet: drums
Seraphin Palmeri: keyboards
Fehd Benchemsi: percussions


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