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 The Nova Cançó ('new song') celebrates 50 years of history, and its lyrics and melodies persist in collective memory. MARC PARROT and Ramon Simó have been in charge of mounting a show to commemorate this celebration. Ramon Simó, recognized theatre director and scenographer, is the person responsible for the dramaturgy of the show. In Marc Parrot, through a character created for the occasion, he acts as a guide for us in this special universe. In the repertoire there are subjects like "Homenatge a Teresa" (homage to Teresa) by Ovidi Montllor, "El comptador d’estrelles" (the star meter) by Sisa or "Què volen aquesta gent" (what do these people want) by Maria del Mar Bonet. » Press info: «50 anys Nova Cançó, Lletra i Música»


genre: Nova Cançó

Marc Parrot: Voice and guitar
Joan Anton Mas: Drums and percussion
Camilo Pérez: Guitar
Marc Prat: Accordion, keyboards, percussion and chorus
Marc Prat: Double bass and electric bass
Dani Ferrer:acustic piano, keyboards, trombone and chorus


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