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2016 is a very special year for LAX'N'BUSTO. On the one hand they celebrate thirty years on stage, and on the other they will take a break; the first in all this time. On 4th November they will give their last concert in Barcelona ending the #Lax30 tour and indefinitely stop giving concerts until they record new songs. Until now they have never done a tour without having another one ready. In fact, it is hard to remember what tours they have ended, because the truth is that they like being on stage so much that they could never say no to a new performance. And they have lived like this continuously on tour, what has kept them in touch with their public throughout these thirty years, which though it seems difficult for even them to believe, they have not stopped filling concerts making them feel happy and fortunate to be able to do it and offer their music: their passion and vital leitmotiv.


name: LAX' N' BUSTO
genre: Pop - Rock


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