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28º north latitude, very near the Tropic of Cancer. In eight musically exiled islands, the need to explain things, and to explain things beyond the Atlantic cold emerges The Canaries band TRÓPICO 28 attempts to construct their own paradise with drum and bass, ragamuffin and rock as a platform to express what they mean. Provocative lyrics with substances, denouncing, demanding, catchy turns, impressive basses, electric guitars full of reverbs, delays and distortion, Jamaican grooves, some banghra programming, dancehall, commitment, electronic, energy, and a lot of partying is what their first record Paraíso Prisión includes. 12 themes that don’t leave you indifferent, suitable for listening and obligatory for dancing!


name: TRÓPICO 28
genre: Ragga /rock/ drum’n’bass

Ayoze : voice and lyrics 
David Mahoh : MC, rap
Arka : guitar
Edu : bass
Dj Riki : mixes, bases and efects


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