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 ORCHESTRA FIRELUCHE is a band from Cellera de Ter (la Selva) who since 2003 have worked using toy, curious, and classical instruments from all over the world. During this time the Orchestra Fireluche (2004) has published the records Orchestra Fireluche (2004), and Ja veurem per què però hi ha moltes coses inexplicables (2006), and the book, CD and interactive DVD Eines de sons inexplicables (2008). Equally they have produced two of their own shows: El circ de la sardina de joguina (2005) and Música invisible (2007). In parallel they have maintained a stable relationship with the company of aerial dance Deambulants, for whom they have created the soundtrack of the show Alt, as well as several momentary collaborations with a great number of other entities linked to the world of music, theatre, cinema, dance, puppets and child animation.


genre: Music done with curious instruments

Laura Xiberta: flute,piano.

Susanna Gascón: organ, kalimba, steel-drum, castanets, typewriter, yue qin.

Montserrat Viñas: da ruan, organ, small organ Marinucci.

Quim Sitges: drums, indian violin played like a distorted guitar, da ruan and pungi.

Domènec Bohigas: small guitar and charango.

Núria Valentí: organ Casio, stylophone, Sandra, etc.

Àurea Moll Violí: small piano.

David Sarsanedas Serra: violin,...

Elena Gascón: da ruan, organ Jen, tambourine,digital theremin digital, can.



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