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Charming melodies, mystical songs, disturbing rhymes and compromised texts. Human energy and digital precision fuse in a cultural and resonant mix. N3RDISTAN fuse powerful rhythms and basses saturated with deep melodies of koras and Fula flutes. Blurring the boundaries between generations and genders, they evolves at the edge of electronic music, rap and Arabic poetry. On stage, N3rdistan is a ball of energy that heats and rises as the minutes fly by. Riffs, sometimes aggressive, sometimes floating, reverberate as Walead Ben Selim’s atypical voice works up and captures the audience. He is accompanied by the rumbling distortions and the soft and enraged voice of Widad Broco, the transcendental vibrations and breath of Benjamin Cucciara, and the powerful and precise groove of Cyril Canerie’s beats.


genre: Electronic, rap and Arabic poetry


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