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GIANMARIA TESTA is an Italian singer-songwriter with a hoarse and velvety voice whose true force is in the naked song. There are texts that seem like small poems that speak of fogs and encounters, of loneliness and hills; music that evokes the tango, bossa, the habanera and create warm and intense suggestions. Her way of singing is simple, from popular, traditional sources, and so it is a winner; she surpasses banal comparisons and easy approaches. Her career has developed beyond Italy: in France, Germany, Austria, Holland, Canada and the United States. Her seventh record, Solo-dal vivo, is the complete recording of a concert, vocals and guitar, in the Auditorium of Rome in May 2008. Songs without arrangements, without frills, with only the force of her intensity.  


genre: Songwriter

Gianmaria Testa: voice, guitar
1 acustic guitar
2 electric guitars


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