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Look! is PEPET I MARIETA’s new show, a party of frantic rhythm with which the band shows its new discographical work La Pelu (Edicions Singulars 2008). Look! is an amalgam of warm and festive rhythms which intend to make the audiences’ bottoms move and, at the same time, stir up their thought with close, blatant and critical messages. With more than 350 concerts, PEPET I MARIETA have consolidated a compact live sound, an accurate execution and a vigorous and funny staging. They have performed all over the state and in get-togethers as important as Festival Barnasants, BAM, Senglar Rock, Acampada Jove or Tradicionàrius. They also offer other shows like Amor, on t’has fotut? (Where’ve you got to, love?), a musical-theatrical show about love, or De boca a aurella (From mouth to ear), a homage to the people who keep the oral tradition alive.


genre: Party

Josep Bordes: voice and acustic guitar
Xavi Riba: electric and spanish guitar
Ignasi Palau: bass
Dani Tejedor: drums
Jordi Sanç: percussion
Carlos Manzanares: saxo, accordion and keyboards 
Camil Burato: trombone
Paco Albiol: trumpet


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