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SONA 9 - TRAU, the quartet from Sant Boi de Llobregat, winner of Sona 9 2014, is destined to be one of the groundbreakers of the new Catalan pop. Their proposal recovers and updates the sound of the sixties, combined with influences of the lysergic pop-folk of Pau Riba and Sisa as their local reference, but they also have groups like The Beatles, The Kinks and The Rolling Stones in their sights. This autumn we will enjoy their first album, Déu Vos Guard, recorded and co-produced in Bucbonera Records by Tomàs Robisco. TRAU brings creativity and new ideas to the Catalan music scene with fascinating songs referencing British pop of the sixties and seventies of the twentieth century.


name: TRAU
genre: Pop psicodèlic
Xavi Artigas: keyboard and voice
Pau Torrens: drums and voice
Núria Botia: bass and voice 
Jordi Bastida: guitar and voice 


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