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Fusion of the most new and the most traditional in a completely captivating seductive sensation. This is the music of NIDI D’ARAC, hardened but popular, urban and archaic. The latent presence of a deep feeling of rootedness, of ownership, of a distinctive cultural identity, at no point steals the pleasure of the immediate. The music of NIDI D’ARAC is the authentic pleasure of dance and rhythms, a continuous party, that produces emotional and spiritual complicity. “It is like the soft breeze that rises from Otranto and the harmonious popular musicality that blows towards the charm of the east. “


name: NIDI D' ARAC
genre: Traditional music with electronic bites from south of Itlay

Alessandro Coppola: voice, guitar and  traditional tambourine
Vera Di Lecce: voice and traditional dances choreographies
Elena Floris: violin
Claudio Prima: accodion and percusions 
Filippo Schininà: drums and percusions
Edoardo Targa: acustic bass
Daniele Tortora: dub master
Maristella Martella:mediterranian dances dancer 


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