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The past and the future are found in a line of ephemeral instants that call themselves present and that is always right now. ARAMATEIX is the band of Francesc Ribera ‘Titot’, the ex-singer of Brams and Dijous Paella, and 300 anys is his second record, in which the lessons of the past and the illusion of the future coincide. 300 anys revolves around the third centenary of the Bourbon occupation of Valencia, Catalonia and the Balearic Islands and without being a conceptual work contains an uncommon inner coherence and a great quality and technique in the expression of feelings and chance. ARAMATEIX, grown and consolidated as a group explain themselves to the world from their own cultural identity, an indispensable condition to not end up being from nowhere. It is aboriginal ska-rock to explain with neither shame nor provincial complexes who they are, how they feel and what they intend of life and the environment.


genre: Rock-ska

Ignasi Llovet Roc: drums
Míriam Masramon Montadas: trombone and chorus                                                                                           Oriol Cardona Jordan: guitar
Jordi Comas Quintana: tenor
Francesc Ribera Tuneu: singer
Jordi Comasolivas Vila: bass y chorus
Xevi Capdevila Sanglas: tible y trombone
Eudald Camprubí Subirana: trompeta y coros



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