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DA BANG, formerly known as The Bigger Bang, released their self-titled début EP in 2010 and signed up with Modern Sky later the same year. The following year they released their first full length album Bone Hug and made a national tour through China. Their second EP Celebrate was released at the end of 2012 and received a very good reception, and was followed by their second national tour. With their burning hot and stylish music, DA BANG has gradually become one of the most acclaimed newcomers on Beijing rock scene. DA BANG’s music is full of attitude but also sincerity and passion and they are known for their powerful and mesmerizing live performances that are guaranteed to make the audience dance.


name: DA BANG
genre: psicodelic dance
Wang Jing: voice and sintetizator
Yan Shuai: guitar
Li Yu: bass
Li Nan: drums and synthesizer 


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