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Jun i el Follet del Vent wind is a children's show created by Wagner Pa and Joana Diego. The two artists from the independent scene of Barcelona have decided to meet to share their experience musical and give rise to a series of songs intended for children and family. They did not, however, come alone; always as if coming out of a hidden corner, Follet del Vent appears, the imaginary friend of Jun (sometimes not so imaginary ...). It is he who will explain to the girl all the stories and characters the songs speak of, and by means of music he explains what are the most important treasures one may have: to love and be loved, friends, the wish to improve oneself every day and love the freedom of being yourself. This project has been selected by the SGAE Foundation to receive a grant for creation. The story of Jun i el Follet del Vent is structured in a series of songs performed by WAG & JO and the band, introduced by texts narrated by themselves and with voice over. The music and story are accompanied by video art and imaginative and suggestive props.


name: WAG & JO
genre: Musical, familiar
Wagner Pa: voice and guitar
Joana de Diego: voice and flute
Xavi de la Salud: drums and  flugelhorn
Mati Moon: bass
Tatiana Halbach: visual efects  


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