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ELS CATARRES are the most sought after Catalan group of 2015. Having made a name for themselves, “catarrh”, with the record Cançons 2011 (DiscMedi, 2011) and completely consolidated it with Postals (Música Global 2013), with which they were awarded five Enderrock Awards, the ARC Award for Best Own Songs Group and Catalan Record of the Year awarded by Radio 4, they are again touring this year to present their new album, Big Bang (Música Global 2013), the explosion giving birth to sound, energy, light, life and love. The third work by ELS CATARRES recreates their own vital universe through stories and experiences that, all too often, are those that seem smaller and routine to us, but which are surely the big things that we all share and which move the motor of the world: rebellion, love, heartbreak, friendship, optimism, sadness, struggle, the day-to-day as the beginning of everything. A dance and a song to life, where even bad experiences become the seed of new opportunities, because tomorrow always comes in the dark of night.


genre: Pop-folk català
Èric Vergés: principal voice and acustic guitar
Joan Riera: voice, accordion, acustic guitar, banjo, melody and kick drum
Roser Cruells: voice and acustic bass
Laia Fortià: drum
Marc Ruescas: trombon
Paul Evans: trumpet



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