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Taxirik ez, the record he now presents, is the tenth of his discographical career begun in 1994 when his first record as a singer-songwriter saw the light. He interprets his own texts and others by Iñaki Irazu, Bernardo Atxaga, Joseba Sarrionandia, Xabier Lete... He has been distinguished on three occasions with the Premio de la Música, and was invited by the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts to prepare his repertoire in Basque alongside the distinguished pupils of the centre. He has participated, furthermore, in homage to Jackson Browne, Julen Lekuona, Mikel Errazkin, Hilario Camacho, Leonard Cohen... and he has composed music for several theatre plays.


genre: Singer-songwriter

Jabier Muguruza: voice, accordion
Angel Unzu: acustic guitar
Txema Garces: electric bass
David Gomez: drums


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