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After the warm reception from critics and audiences in their début, Les cançons que vindran (Fina Estampa, 2013), the Barcelona quintet BREMEN now has a new album, self-produced and mixed by Jordi Mora. Entitled Tornar d’Amèrica (Fina Estampa, 2015), it illustrates their return to pop without renouncing their passion for folk and country rock. Eleven songs with feeling and sensitivity that, prologued by the Dylanian "wild fur", have become the test of the maturity of a band that wants to be, and definitely is, much more than the Mediterranean franchise of Wilco.


name: BREMEN
genre: Rock / american (rock, folk, country)
Gracià Pedro: electric guitar and voice
Toni Terrades: acustic guitar and voice
Guillem Rodríguez: guitar and lap steel
Joan Villaroya: bass
Miguel Ballester: drum 


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