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ASPENCAT are back with a new album this September. Marina Alta’s group continues to explore new musical paths to continue the evolution of their distinctive reggae fusion. If the previous work, Essència, had more presence of electronics, in this they aim to combine new rhythms with other styles cultivated earlier, without neglecting the bass, synthesizers and other electronic sounds that are already a house brand. As for the lyrics, they continue the usual scathing social criticism but with a renewed lexicon which adds a few drops of feeling to get to the heart of the listener. In short: they are songs of struggle and feeling without euphemisms or subterfuge, pickled with Jamaican roots rhythms and styles mixed with burning electronics.


genre: Reggae, roots, dancehall, dubstep
Pasqu Giner: keyboard, programations and voices
Kiko Tur: voice
Ivan Gosp. voice
Pep Garcés: guitar and voice
Xavi Arias: bass
Albert Benavent: trumpet
Bruno Mas: trombon
Jaume Tur: drum
Hèctor Peropadre: llaüt 


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