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The txalaparta players OREKA TX, accompanied by their new band and guest musicians Hosoo (Mongolia, Khoomi harmonic song) and Aziza Brahim (saharan, singer), invite us to a novel concert-trip that mixes music and images on stage. These musicians will be joined by others by means of a window through which we will know different places and the people that inhabit them.An original concept of multimedia show in which the components of the group will interpret music created following their journeys to India, Lapland, the Sahara and Mongolia.


name: OREKA TX
genre: World Music

Oreka TX (Harkaitz Martinez de san Vicente, Igor Otxoa y Mikel Ugarte):wood txalaparta,stone txalaparta, tubes and cans.

Iñigo Egia: percussion.

Juanjo Otxantorena: bouzouki.

Amaiur Cajaraville: double bass.

Mixel Ducau: alboka, ttun ttun, saxo, soprano, clarinet.


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