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Nautilus Lab is a live sound installation. Its sound originates from 24 Perspex tubes full of water, where compressors send air to generate bubbles. Hydrophones and microphones amplify and process the sound. The piece works in three modes: 'generative' mode, which functions as an autonomous sound sculpture; 'play' mode, which converts it into an instrument that visitors can touch and 'demo' mode, where it demonstrates its potential in two minutes. Visually the sound is conveyed algorithmically into LED lights that generate light environments according to the harmonies.


genre: Sound art
Xavi Lloses : idea i música
David Sarsanedas : producció tècnica
Santi Vilanova: programació
Nei Albertí  i Alex Pallí : producció artística
quartet brossa:
Aleix Puig Caminal, violí
Pere Bartolomé Valls, violí
Imma Lluch Revert, viola
Quico Pugès Suàrez, violoncel 


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