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Accompanied by his inseparable mandolin, the style of the Frenchman FÉLOCHE goes beyond geographical and stylistic boundaries: rap, blues, beats, chanson, rocksteady, or punk ... are just some of his influences. There was already a glimpse of his original proposal in a magnificent first album, La vie cajun (¡Ya Basta!, 2010), a proposal now reconfirmed in his new album, Silbo (¡Ya Basta!, 2013), produced once again by Philippe Cohen Solal (of the Franco-Argentinian combo Gotan Project and declared admirer of the group) for the prestigious ¡Ya Basta! label, (and distributed by Parlophone Music), and in which there are deluxe collaborations. A musician the French press and critics do not stop talking about... and very positively.


genre: Fusion, mestizo
Féloche: veu i mandolina 
Léa Bulle: PAD, efectes i veus 
David Rolland: violí i buzuqui 
Christophe Malherbe: contrabaix i veus 


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