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The veteran Catalan band PEGASUS was created in 1981 in Barcelona by Santi Arisa Rafael Escoté, Josep Mas 'Kitflus' and Max Sunyer, and currently also includes percussion by the young Dan Arisa. Considered one of the most international exponents of jazz fusion in Catalonia, the band is now presenting its tenth album, Standby...On! (Pegasus Records, 2014), which reaches the market with eleven of their own new songs, true to their own style of jazz fusion with clear Mediterranean influence, after seventeen years of recording silence. The resulting live performance is a fresh, energetic show, with a strong rhythmic base and a great deal of personality.


genre: Jazz fusió
Santi Arisa: bateria
Rafael Escoté: baix
Josep Mas ‘Kitflus’: teclats
Max Sunyer: guitarra
Dan Arisa: percussió


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