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Helena Can’t autores Açorianos is a musical event destined to pay homage to some of the many authors who in the last decades have lent their artistic and cultural genius to the Azores and Portugal. Interpreting traditional or contemporary authors of the Azores is truly fascinating, because each sentence and each song is an infinite mystery of feelings to discover, to give meaning to and to reveal to the world. In this work there is a search for the authenticity, there is joy and tears, dance and singing. Sooner or later this music will make others understand and join the fight to show how eloquent the poems and songs can be that turn up from the fog of the islands, from the interior of this green land, from the craters of the volcanoes and the sea that surrounds it.


genre: Acustic / Traditional/ World music

Mike Ross: double bass
Manuel Rocha: violin
Joaquim Teles (Quiné): drums, percussions
Carlos Frazão: piano
Helena Oliveira: voice, percussion


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