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The five singers of IALMA (soul in Galician language) have for years been looking for the traditional songs of their ancestors in Galicia, making arrangements and giving that music a personal style between authentic and modern, creating current, fresh and seductive music that represents a new generation in the Galician tradition. Galician people are nomad people ... and so is IALMA music!
"Discovering different cultures allows us appreciate, know and make our own richer".
The singers of IALMA are accompanied in their concerts by 3 musicians: guitarist, accordionist and percussionist.


name: IALMA
genre: Galician tradition inspiration with modern arrangement.

VERONICA CODESAL : Vocals and percussions
NATALIA CODESAL : Vocals and percussions 
NURIA ALDAO : Vocals and percussions
MAGALI MENENDEZ : Vocals and percussions
MARISOL PALOMO : Vocals and percussions
DIDIER LALOY : Accordeon
FRED MALEMPRE : Percussion


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