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PAU VALLVÉ returns to the stage to present a new album following the famed De bosc, which was chosen as one of the best of 2013 by magazines like Rockdelux, Go Mag or Enderrock, and as the best of 2012 by Mondo Sonoro. He toured halls, theatres and festivals all over Catalonia with this work, which also took him to Italy, Berlin and various parts of Spain. In the Mercat de Música Viva, he is premièring the new tour, this time accompanied by the native of Vic, Jordi Casadesús. Both are multi-instrumentalists: they use hands, feet and loopers to create sound that in no way seems to come from just two people.


genre: Singer-songwriter

Pau Vallvé: veu, guitarres, looper i ritmes 

Jordi Casadesús: baix, moog, teclat i iPad


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