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MARC PARROT is presenting his eighth studio album, Sortir per la finestra (Música Global, 2014) live; twelve new songs that build a bridge between classic albums like Interferència (Global Music, 2007) and this new release, where we will discover lyrics which are more cryptic but equally full of meaning, without forgetting those images which are so beautiful and unique, that only Marc knows how to capture. In the musical aspect the discourse has radicalised since previous works: honesty, professionalism and craftsmanship are the adjectives that can best describe this new work. The show, created together with Queralt Antú (Ovnilab), converts the stage into a window which changes landscape as you go passing through the songs, performed by a band of three musicians who wrap themselves round the musician. After the last tour hidden in the shadows, MARC PARROT is back on the front line.


genre: Singer-songwriter
Marc Parrot: veu i guitarra 
Joan Anton Mas: bateria i percussions 
Marc Prat: baix i contrabaix 
Lluís Cartes: teclat, guitarra, percussions i veus 


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