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With her new album, Celesta, MARIA COMA, in collaboration with some friends who build Baschet sound sculptures, is doing something she had never done: create and build a new instrument that will appear on the album and go with her on tour. There are four musicians on stage, and they will play more than one instrument each. They are all pretty versatile: piano, the new Baschet instrument (still unnamed), vocals, drums, Baschet percussion, vocals, samplers, bass, keyboards, guitar with pedals and effects ... A live performance made mainly for theatres, auditoriums and places where you can hear and see well, with lighting created especially for the show.


genre: Songwriter

Maria Coma: Piano, Veu i Celesta Baschet.
Nico Roig: Guitarra elèctrica i Monotron.
Pau Vallvé: Bateria i Microsampler.
Fanny Roz: Teclat, Celesta Baschet i Veus.
Marc Barrera: Baix Electrònic i Guitarra Octavada.


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