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Full of freshness, with a live performance that seduces and captivates, JOSÉ DOMINGO’s songs depict sound postcards with touches of flamenco and Mediterranean psychedelic sounds that give his music an outstanding, unique air. Always open to improvisation in his live performances, more the result of inspiration than coincidence, he is something of a rogue poet and troubadour who both dazzles and captivates. Watch out. He who warns is not scorned: JOSÉ DOMINGO is set to become one of the greats. Or he already is, but you just haven’t noticed.


genre: Rock

Jordi Herrera: guitarra i veus
Jose Miguel Puigserver 'Puter': baix i veus
Jordi Garcia: caixó i veus
Juan Pérez: bateria
José Domingo: veu i guitarra acústica


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