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QBAMBA, personal project of the singer-songwriter Mû, is a formation of different musicians from several places in Africa, Europe and America, that combine different tendencies over a base of African roots. Difficult to classify, QBAMBA offers a show that allows you to enjoy the fusion of African rhythms with funk, Afrobeat and jazz rhythms, among others, and the warm dance of the west of Africa. A show of music and dance that is constantly renewed during the concert through the several atmospheres that are created, from the most energetic-frenzied to the calmest and meditative, passing throgh the most festive.


name: QBAMBA
genre: Fusion of several sytles with african base

Mû:composer, singer, simbi, guitar, kalimba, percussion and harp                                                                        Simón Delgado: electric bass and voices
Luiz Espiga: clarinet and bass clarinet
Camilo Zorrilla: percussion
Didier Roche: percussion
Claudio Nervi: keyboards and piano
Anna Mbengue: dance and voices 


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